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Motorcycle Helmets: Common Questions You Should Know About

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Motorcycle Helmets: Common Questions You Should Know About

Riding a vehicle is an experience in itself, and when it comes to riding a motorcycle, there is a no match! However, while experiencing such thrill and pleasure, the risk of getting into an accident is always high- nearly 14% of deaths were caused due to the motorcycle in 2017. And that is why we always recommend wearing motorcycle helmets. This is the most important motorcycle gear you must wear while riding a bike.

You may have several questions popping up in your (and every bikers’) mind about helmets, let’s discuss and answer each of them:

Questions and their answers about motorcycle helmets:

Cheap Vs. Expensive Helmets: which one to go for?

Well, this is the most common question every biker asks. My answer is, the price does not matter while choosing your helmet. What matters is a comfort, feature and above all your safety. Every helmet provides safety, but when it comes to size, pick one that makes you feel comfortable and is a good fit for your head. You need to figure out which one gives you the most comfort, regardless of the price.

For Sports Bike, Can I wear a Full Face Helmet?

Full Face Helmet

It is not mandatory but recommended that you should wear a full face helmet. Because the most injury-prone area during a motorbike accident is your face.

Is Full Face Helmet Considered the Most Protective Gear?

Yes, it is. You need complete protection for your head and eyes against the debris flying into your eyes.

Should I Go for Off-Roading Helmet for Sports Bike?

Off-Roading Helmet

Yes, you should wear off-roading helmets because it provides you the maximum safety and comfort. Also, their design protects sports bikers from head and face injuries.

Which one of the Motorcycle Helmets is Safest, Anyway?

Although, there is no organization or process that tests helmet safety, however, there are definitely safety standards that motorcycle helmets manufacturers should observe. Also, note that every country has picked some regulations stating about the standards helmets must meet.

Your helmet should carry one of the three most common certification stickers on it i.e. DOT, ECE, and Snell. In the US, every motorcycle helmet passes testing procedure to make sure it meets the standards set by the US Department of Transportation (DOT).

Why Off-Road Motorcycle Helmets have a Pointed Chin?

Few motorcycle helmets, especially off-roading helmets, have a pointed chin because it ensures more ventilation and keeps the face and head cool. These helmets are also called motocross helmets because motocross riders prefer to wear this type of helmets.

Moreover, the space provided in the chin bar makes it easier to breathe heavily and exit the exhaled air which does not create fog on the goggles of the rider.

Should My Helmet be Heavy? If Yes, How Much?

Your motorcycle helmet should be heavy enough not to make you uncomfortable. Ideally, it should weigh between 3-1/4 to 3-1/2. Weight differs, but this does not make a helmet less effective. It depends on how it feels on your head and how it distributes the weight on your head. So, try it before you buy one.

No matter what design, size or weight your helmet contains, the important thing is you must not forget to wear the safety gear while riding a motorcycle.

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