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4 Luxury Spa Treatments Around the World

4 Luxury Spa Treatments Around the World

Nothing is more relaxing than a trip to the spa. Aside from the benefits, a spa day can have on your physical features like your hair, skin, and nails, the experience of sitting down and focusing on nothing but pampering yourself is unmatched. Different cities around the world have different versions of a “perfect spa day,” with a variety of treatments that can have you looking and feeling as good as new. Consider some of these locations for your next vacation and hit the spa while you’re there; or, for added luxury, why not charter a private jet from a company like Access Global to take you on a weekend getaway to your favorite spa on the list?

Here are 4 of the most luxurious spa treatments from around the world.

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24 Karat Gold Mask, Dubai

This luxury hotel is the perfect backdrop for one of the most extravagant spa experiences you will ever have. With an all-day spa experience ringing in at over $6,000, visitors can enjoy services like a rose oil bath and massage before receiving a customized 24 karat gold face mask treatment, which is known for its hydrating and anti-aging properties.

LED Light Mask, Beverly Hills

Many have your favorite celebrities have likely received a high-tech facial using LED lights and color therapy to soothe and correct their skin. With different benefits depending on your skin type, this therapeutic treatment is offered accompanied by others, including microdermabrasion to detoxify your skin and leave it glowy.

Wine Wrap, Vista, CA

Located just outside of San Diego is a spa that offers full-body wraps and massages using ingredients produced at their own on-site vineyard. The skincare products made with their homegrown wine have innovative anti-aging properties and will leave any visitor to the spa looking more youthful and glowy than ever.

Mayan Blessing Ritual + Treatment, Riviera Maya

For guests looking for more intimacy and privacy during a spa getaway, a resort in Mexico that provides private cabanas for guests during a luxurious and soothing massage sounds like the perfect idea. Guests will participate in a Mayan blessing ritual before selecting local ingredients for their personalized messages, while the beautiful tropical setting acts as the perfect backdrop.

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