4 Unorthodox Yet Effective Marketing Techniques

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4 Unorthodox Yet Effective Marketing Techniques

When push comes to shove, few business owners are willing to roll the dice on an unproven or unorthodox marketing strategy. Even ambitious, progressive entrepreneurs tend to balk when they’re first presented with an off-the-wall advertising idea. However, businesses that successfully implement an innovative marketing campaign can gain a massive advantage over their competitors.

Effective Marketing Techniques

To that end, here are four unorthodox, but nevertheless effective marketing techniques that can boost your company’s online presence:

Opening Up

In one sense, you could consider marketing to be an exercise in creative framing. Marketers are constantly looking for ways to shine a positive light on their business and emphasize the beneficial qualities of products or services. Perhaps unsurprisingly, few marketing teams create content that addresses the negative aspects associated with their brand, product, or industry. The truth is though, businesses that are willing to tackle both the pros and cons of their operation are much more likely to gain consumers’ trust. Blogs that explain how much a service costs in detail, or describe the drawbacks associated with a given product will stand out in a field dominated by PR speak. Never underestimate the power of authenticity in business.

Partnering with Other Organizations

Sponsorship has more or less existed since the advent of capitalism. Still, there are often more opportunities for businesses and other organizations to partner up than they first might realize. Indeed, forward-thinking entrepreneurs should consider teaming up with a local charity. Not only is this an inherently good thing to do, but will also boost your reputation.

Forgetting About Keywords

For years SEO experts hammered on the importance of including keywords and phrases into marketing content. Search engines and online consumers are savvier now than they were ten years ago, and the idea that keywords themselves drive search traffic is an antiquated one. Though it might seem like sacrilege at first blush, forgetting about keywords and creating practical marketing strategies that directly address customer queries will help you market more effectively in the long run.

Utilizing Humor

A little comedy is a dangerous thing. Note here that some businesses simply should not attempt to integrate humor into their marketing strategies (think, funeral homes). Handled properly though, memes, social-media gags, and humorous videos are all great ways to grab leads’ attention. The reality is, not all companies boast widespread appeal; there are only so many people interested in purchasing NA heparin tubes, or left-handed mandolins for example. Nevertheless, by sprinkling in a few light-hearted marketing plays, you can greatly expand your digital audience.

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