Customer Perceptions: What Do They Think About Your Brand?

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Customer Perceptions: What Do They Think About Your Brand?

Understanding the psychology behind customer purchase is fundamental in marketing. The reason is it enables professionals to be effective in their marketing from a strategic level down to the daily tasks. The reason is that people choose one brand and not the other. Knowing why your customers do while others opt out gives focus on what to enhance and what changes to bring about to push for change.

An example is a real estate lawyer Toronto consulting for residents may want to know why people reached out and do the “trick” better. Equally, it will force them to look beyond themselves to find answers on how to get more business. Whatever your business, one thing you will soon realize is that perceptions are not always accurate. Even with that, everyone goes through a thought process guided by a myriad of things from experience to preference.

What is Customer Perceptions in Marketing?

Overall, the term perception refers to the identifying, organizing and interpreting of information of a product, service or brand. In marketing, it is the awareness or impression of the same and is influenced by aspects such as advertising, experience, social media, reviews, and other channels. Even so, what the customer ends up having is not the complete picture.

Application to your marketing efforts

Having that in mind makes marketing officers extremely mindful of how they portray themselves to the public. It also equips them to use tools to mitigate negative feedback they might receive. However, the one question they need to answer the customer is “how does this add value to my life?” The reason why high-end brands fair excellently is they have placed a value on exclusivity; not everyone can afford their products.

Therefore, marketing efforts ought to be directed in shaping the customer perception of the value that your product or service brings. Unless you can answer that question, your product will always be overlooked. While that sounds simple enough, the execution can be tricky. The Necker Cube and Rubin Vase along with other illusions is a reminder of how two people can receive the same stimuli from your marketing efforts and come up with different conclusions.

Wrap up

While you will not be able to win the hearts of all men, persuasion is still the tool to use when you want to shape customer perception. It remains the driving factor that has you hitting the nail on the head when undertaking marketing and PR activities.

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