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The Big Business Apple – Why Coworking Spaces In NYC Can Keep Overheads Low

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The Big Business Apple – Why Coworking Spaces In NYC Can Keep Overheads Low

New York City and its allure as the Big Apple leaves a million impressions on tourists and visitors alike. The city is characterised as too big, too many, too fast, and too noisy of everything and anything. While some of these impressions are in fact true, there are some that are not quite as accurate any more.

One of the things about living in this city is that, while the cost of living and indeed working is among the highest in the world, there are ways around paying premium prices for basic services. However, in terms of office space, professionals tired of paying too high a price to work in some of the most desirable areas can look to a coworking space in NY for inspiration.

Coworking Spaces NYC

Let’s take a closer look at how coworking in New York can help you reduce your overheads.

Location, Location, Location

Imagine looking outside of a corner office in Manhattan or Park Avenue, and watching the business world evolve as you work. The city skyline prominently the background to your foreground, and it is, of course, one of the most majestic views on Earth, if you can afford it. Yep, that’s right. That corner office is going to set you back a couple of grand every month.

Then, there is the often talked about Soho area. Go to work, hang out in some once artsy but now upscale enclave occupied by Wall Street types, but once again, office space in this enclave is going to cost you. However, there is a way to be surrounded by the atmosphere you are drawn to without the added price tag.

Coworking in any one of these areas can drastically reduce the cost of office space for professionals. Shared space is not a new phenomenon, but the coworking scene has made sharing space in this new way beneficial (and cheap) for so many reasons. Businesses primarily get the chance to work in locations that they would simply be barred from simply because of the high cost to rent office space in the city (and NYC rents are the highest in the world).

Other Benefits To Coworking NYC

Another major cost-savings benefit to coworking is that it allows your business to save on overhead simply by streamlining the costs to lease space. As opposed to paying several little bills at the end of the month, coworking professionals get the benefit one bill at the end of the month that is a consistent amount. For businesses who really have to tighten their belts, the coworking space is one way to take control of spending.

The coworking space also provides these eclectic, dynamic professionals access to an impressive marketplace of industry. These offices define hustle and grit and performance and talent, and when combined together, your office is more than a resource. It is becoming a free-for-all, energetic space where you can just place your hand in the pot and take from the well of excess and success. Information in these spaces flows freely, and as opposed to having to pay for assistance on any topic, the chances you work with someone with expertise can save your business money on not having to contract out.

Taking A Bite Out Of The Apple

The chance to work in such an environment filled with professionals from such wide-ranging professions and backgrounds gives your business the platform to make connections in a city that is easy to get swallowed up in. More significantly, the coworking space has made it possible for businesses to save a king’s ransom in overhead simply by streamlining the functions of office space. Ultimately, your space in one of the Big Apple’s premier coworking spaces can give your business flavour while saving a dime.

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