Are You Looking For A Career Change?

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Are You Looking For A Career Change?

Many of us are in careers we may not have wanted to be in or have reached a plateau in our and want to pursue other interests. For others, it reaches a stage where you no longer want to do an 8am-5pm job anymore, yes, you want to keep earning money but you realize that there are more fun and creative and most importantly enjoyable ways to do it.

Looking For A Career Change

Entrepreneurship is a great way to gain flexibility and job satisfaction and of course money. Flexibility in that you will be your own boss, although this is honestly never the case, the customer is always the boss, and can decide what hours you want to work.

Let us explore some ways you can become your own boss and make some money without setting foot inside an office that is not yours!

Make Money Online

Online work has increasingly become popular; become an online writer, proofreader, consultant or affiliate marketer. If you are good with languages, work online as a transcriber or translator. Other ways of making money online include doing paid surveys, start a blog, design websites, copywriting, content generation amongst others. The internet is inundated with great tips on how to make money online from home, do some research and you will surely find a way to take advantage of the massive opportunities available.

If you like DIY projects start a Video blog (vlog) and earn money by getting people and subsequently advertisers to your site. Some vloggers make millions of shillings and are actually more popular than celebrities.

Turn Your Hobby into Cash

You could also consider turning your hobby into a source of income, for example, do you like shopping? How about listing yourself as a personal shopper and earn some money while doing what you love.

If you are good with hair or make-up then turn this into a side business. Use your contacts and social media to get customers.

If you are good at landscaping or interior design, then become the local go-to person for those services.

Freelance Sales

There are many ways to make money without being directly employed, for instance, the insurance business is always looking for freelance agents. Many companies look for freelancers who can sell their product without necessarily having to incur the cost of hiring them. Agree upon a commission structure and sell.

List Your House on Airbnb

Do you have extra rooms in your house? List the rooms on Airbnb and earn money from the guests who will be living in your home.

Rent Out Your Car

There are companies that lease cars and pay an agreed upon amount every month. They take care of all the expenses like servicing of the vehicle taking the trouble off your hands. Alternatively, start a taxi business and make some money.

Start Babysitting

Most people cannot afford a live-in nanny and will require the services of a babysitter. How about offering your services to the working neighborhood moms?

Final Thoughts.

The world is rapidly moving away from paid employment to self-employment. If your job no longer brings you satisfaction, then it may be time to branch out and do your own thing.

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