Review Policy

*Under Construction*

Review Policy

My reviews are based on my own opinions. I am not paid, nor do I want to be paid to give a good review. I write about what I thought of the books I read and how I reacted to them.

My reviews are honest. They reflect my own personal opinion. I do try to stay positive, but I will never lie when it comes to my appreciation of a book.

*All summaries are taken from Goodreads, Amazon, Chapters.Indigo, or the book jacket.


Am I accepting books?

I unfortunatly DON'T accept self-published books, mostly because I don't have the time.

I do accept published books for review. I do try to post review around the release date. I can’t garanty any reviews will be posted on a certain date.. If I get a book less than a month before its release, I usually try to review it within the next month.

I accept only Young Adult. I don’t usually enjoy non-fiction and books with religious undertones

If I accept to read your book, it doesn't mean it will be reviewed. 

Contact information: you-know-i-dont-know(at)hotmail(dot)com