Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review: Mind Games by Kiersten White

Mind Games by Kiersten White
Mind Games #1
Release Date: February 19th, 2013
Number of Pages: 237
Publisher: Harper Teen
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Fia was born with flawless instincts. Her first impulse, her gut feeling, is always exactly right. Her sister, Annie, is blind to the world around her—except when her mind is gripped by strange visions of the future.
Trapped in a school that uses girls with extraordinary powers as tools for corporate espionage, Annie and Fia are forced to choose over and over between using their abilities in twisted, unthinkable ways…or risking each other’s lives by refusing to obey.  
In a stunning departure from her New York Times bestselling Paranormalcy trilogy, Kiersten White delivers a slick, edgy, heartstoppingly intense psychological thriller about two sisters determined to protect each other—no matter the cost.
I was so excited to read Mind Games, and I guess that left me with really high expectations. I had read and really enjoyed her other work, and I was expecting to enjoy this one as much. Sadly, I ended up being disappointed by this book. When I heard about Mind Games, I thought the premise sounded really interesting. The thing is, I felt like this book was all over the place. Mind Games had two points of view, Annie and Fia. On top of that, we also get flashbacks, and that’s where I got confused. I could understand that the flashbacks helped us understand who Fia and Annie really are, and the reason why they are where they are. Still, considering how short the book, I felt it was too much.

One of the reasons why I really wanted to read this book was the fact that I heard there was a really great sister bond between Fia and Annie, and I was excited to see how it would be portrayed. Yet, I didn’t get what I wanted, because we don’t get to see those two together that often. Besides wanting to protect each other, nothing really stood out in their relationship.

Annie is an interesting character, but I felt like she had more potential than what was shown. She is a little in the background for most of the story, even if we get to see her point of view. After all, she might be blind, but she can also see the future. Yet, she is stuck in her room for most of the novel. Now, when it comes down to Fia, she was a kickass character, and I mean that literally. I think I could have liked her a lot more than I did, if her narration hadn’t been all over the place, as I felt it was. I still enjoyed reading about her, seeing her question her orders and everything, but I was expecting more.

Overall, I was a little disappointed by this book. Maybe my expectations were too high. Mind Games simply ended up being all over the place for me, which made the story a little confusing by moments. It was also lacking the little something that made me really enjoy Paranormalcy and its sequels. I’m still curious enough that I will probably pick up the sequel.

About the Author:
From Goodreads

“I'm the New York Times best-selling author of Paranormalcy and Supernaturally. I also give the most awkward hugs in the world. You should probably opt for one of my books over one of my hugs, but then again, maybe you like awkward hugs.

As for me, I like writing flirting scenes, and fighting scenes, and sometimes I write scenes that fall somewhere in between the two, but only if I can't avoid it.”


  1. I know how you feel about expectations being too high for this book. I was all prepared for a major psychological thriller, and this wasn't it. Great review!

    Courtney @ Fuzzy.Coffee.Books

  2. Well now I know to lower my expectations before reading! I get confused easily with books so I'm sure ill end up confused too! I think the thing with having two POV is that they both need to be big or it just doesn't work. I'm curious to see how I take to this book and I really hope I enjoy it! Great review :)


  3. I have only heard mediocre (sometimes bad) things about this one! I recently picked it up so maybe if I have low expectations it won't be too bad :3

  4. I have so many lingering questions about this book-I really hope that the sequel provides some serious answers!

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