Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review: Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry

Pushing The Limits by Katie McGarry
Release Date: July 31st, 2012
Number of Pages: 384
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Source: BEA
"I won't tell anyone, Echo. I promise." Noah tucked a curl behind my ear. It had been so long since someone touched me like he did. Why did it have to be Noah Hutchins? His dark brown eyes shifted to my covered arms. "You didn't do that-did you? It was done to you?" No one ever asked that question. They stared. They whispered. They laughed. But they never asked.    "An edgy romance that pulls you in and never lets go. I was hooked!"-Gena Showalter,  New York Times bestselling author of the Intertwined series
 So wrong for each other...and yet so right. No one knows what happened the night Echo Emerson went from popular girl with jock boyfriend to gossiped-about outsider with "freaky" scars on her arms. Even Echo can't remember the whole truth of that horrible night. All she knows is that she wants everything to go back to normal. But when Noah Hutchins, the smoking-hot, girl-using loner in the black leather jacket, explodes into her life with his tough attitude and surprising understanding, Echo's world shifts in ways she could never have imagined. They should have nothing in common. And with the secrets they both keep, being together is pretty much impossible.  Yet the crazy attraction between them refuses to go away. And Echo has to ask herself just how far they can push the limits and what she'll risk for the one guy who might teach her how to love again.
Wow. That book was a hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride. It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that made me feel so much at the same time. I laugh, I cried, I smiled and I feared for those characters. It’s incredible how a book can do that. It is always harder for me to right reviews about those kinds of books, as they leave me speechless.

This book joins two characters that are full of issues. And when I say issues, I mean enough issues that will also take you on a rollercoaster ride. Both Echo and Noah have their weaknesses. Both of them have their flaws. Yet, the only thing I can think of now that I’m done reading is the strength they showed until the end, the way they fought to overcome all the obstacles on their way to happiness. Their relationship to me was so well done, as it grows slowly but surely, as they learn to know each other and to trust each other. Yes, there was some cheesiness by moment, but who doesn’t love some cheese in their life? I do have to say that Noah reminded me of the Fuentes brothers. And not in a bad way.

Overall, it was simply a breath-taking novel that left me speechless. I can’t even think properly of it. I now understand why everyone had been gushing about it, because it is absolutely worth all the fuss about it. It is a book I definitely recommend. I’m already dying to read more from Katie McGarry. It is one of those novels that I find extremely hard to critic, because in the end, my emotions always take over my reason, and this book touched me deeply.  Because of that, the flaws I could have seen are hidden in what I feel about the book.


  1. I enjoyed the development of their relationship a lot too-very slow to give us, the readers, time to really feel for them. An intense read for sure!

  2. I've heard so many good things about this book. Wonderful review!

  3. I am dying to read this book!! And your review has done nothing but make me more excited for it. I'm glad you liked it.

    Sara @ Just Another Story

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