Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Review: Until I Die by Amy Plum

Until I Die by Amy Plum
Revenants #2
Release Date: May 8th, 2012
Number of Pages: 352
Publisher: HarperTeen

Kate and Vincent have overcome the odds and at last they are together in Paris, the city of lights and love.
As their romance deepens there’s one question they can’t ignore: How are they supposed to be together if Vincent can’t resist sacrificing himself to save others? Although Vincent promises that he’ll do whatever it takes to lead a normal life with Kate, will that mean letting innocent people die? When a new and surprising enemy reveals itself, Kate realizes that even more may be at stake—and that Vincent’s immortality is in jeopardy.
In Die for Me, Amy Plum created a captivating paranormal mythology with immortal revenants and a lush Paris setting. Until I Die is poised to thrill readers with more heart-pounding suspense, spellbinding romance, and a cliff-hanger ending that will leave them desperate for the third and final novel in the series.

Die For Me was a novel that I had devoured when I first read it. That made me really excited about the sequel Until I Die. Was I disappointed? No. Overall, it was a great sequel. The only complaint I have is the cliffhanger, which leaves us wondering about the future of Vincent and Kate. It wasn’t a horrible and cruel cliffhanger, simply just enough to get you annoy that you can’t read the next book right away.

This novel brings back most characters from the first book. I still like Vincent, but I have to say that I was a little mad that he tried to hide so much from Kate. I mean; Kate did prove in Die For Me that she was strong enough for his world, no? I liked Kate as mush as in Book one, as she is still strong and stubborn. I loved that she was simply sitting back. She tried to find information to make things easier between Vincent and her. After all, their romance is a little affected by the death of Genevieve’s husband, who was also human. It reminded Vincent and Kate that this could be them in a few years…

We are also introduced to two new characters: Arthur and Violette. Both of them are slightly hard to really figure out. We’re never really sure what side they are really on when it comes to Kate. I didn’t like Violette at first, but not after long she starts acting all friendly with Kate. On the other side, Arthur says thing that make Kate thinks he hates human, but he acts really nice with Kate’s sister Georgia. I really like this addition to the characters, as they made things a little more complicated for Kate. I like complicated in books…

Another thing I really liked about this book is that we get to learn more about the revenant, about the numa and about Vincent. Kate tries to figure out more about the origin and the implication of the existence of the revenants. This brought her in a couple of complicated situations.

Overall, I think that readers that have enjoyed the first book in the series, Die For Me, will probably also enjoy this book. It is a nice sequel that makes us excited and curious about what’s to come. 


  1. Totally agree with your views....soooo excited for IF I SHOULD DIE....Great review....

    Do check out my review of the book here

    1. Thanks! Can't wait for If I Should Die either!

  2. Hi hun, just discovered your blog when you followed us on twitter :)

    I wasn't really sure about this series but because you LOVED the first book, you now have me interested!

    1. Hope you'll enjoy it! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I guess I have fallen behind in the book world because until I started seeing reviews for this one I didnt even know about book 1. Thanks for the review. I now have my weekend reading figured out!

    1. Hope you'll enjoy it too! Thanks for stopping by! =)