Monday, January 02, 2012

2012: Changes and new goals

We’re already in the second day of 2012. Now it is time to look back at 2011 and decide what I’m expecting of 2012. Now, I haven’t been blogging for a year, but I still have learned a lot from those 11 months. There are a couple of things I realized I needed to change to make my life easier.

Schedule my post! : That’s probably one of the thing I really need to work on. I did it a couple of time during 2011, but I usually did a week and forgot to do the second… So scheduling is my #1 goal this year on my blog.

Learn about HTML: I want to be able to work a little more on the design of my blog, and to do so, I need to learn a little about HTML.

Interact with other bloggers: I did that once in a while, but I always end up disappearing of twitter and other social site for a couple of weeks at a time. I really need to use my twitter a little more.

Answer comments!: That’s one of the thing that I try once in a while, but because I don’t do it for a couple of weeks, I never end up catching up with all the one I forgot.

Try Vlogging: I want to start vlogging, at least for my IMM post. That’s one of the thing I really need to try that.

Discover more new books: I feel like I’m always reading about books everyone is raving about. I want to find books that not everyone has read. There are so many books that are forgotten.

Write different kind of post: I want to start writing more that just for memes and reviews. I want to start discussion post, opinion posts. I want to interact more with all of you.

Now, those are my goals for my blog this year. Do you have any goals for 2012? For blogging? For reading? Or for your personal life?


  1. Those are fantastic goals. I did the same last year and kept forgetting to schedule my posts. My 1 goal for blogging is interacting more with other bloggers (another thing I neglected last year).

  2. Excellent goals! Scheduling posts is great (when I remember to do it)! And I need to interact more often with other bloggers too, but Twitter just sucks me in and I never get anything else done. I'm going to try and comment on more blogs, and have started using google+ to connect as it's not as demanding as Twitter.

    Good luck with your goals!

  3. I struggle with some of these things as well. Hope you have a fun year of blogging in 2012!

  4. I have a number of goals (perhaps too many), but they mainly involve reading and writing (including making sure I keep up with my blog, which is surprisingly time consuming even though I started it recently).